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Learn to Eat Right

Certified Nutritionist for a Healthy Lifestyle

The foods you choose to eat can have a dramatic effect on your health and ability to heal. Some of your current food selections and eating habits may be conscious decisions or emotional responses, while other habits may have been passed from generation to generation.

At Learn 2 Eat Right, located in Los Angeles, California, Karen Cohen can help you understand how to make better choices to get the nutrition your body needs and still enjoy the experience of eating and sharing meals with others. Through her unique approach to nutrition counseling & weight loss, Karen will help you reach your nutritional goals. It is not restrictive, and gives you the flexibility to make it a lifetime plan.

When you make an appointment with Karen, she will give you an assessment of your current nutrition and address your individual health concerns. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to make changes so they become everyday habits for life. Call Karen today to start empowering yourself.