Nutrition Program Los Angeles CA

FirstLine Therapy

At Learn 2 Eat Right it is clear that lifestyle modifications are essential to a healthier you. But making healthy lifestyle choices is easier said than done. Perhaps you’ve tried to make changes before and for one reason or another didn’t entirely succeed. Don’t be discouraged. FirstLine Therapy offers a unique approach to helping embark – and stay-on the path to optimal health.

Picture yourself performing your best, living without pain and aging gracefully and healthfully. Or imagine waking up every morning feeling rested and energized. What would you do if you felt better? That’s what Karen's FirstLine Therapy program is all about- giving you the tools to help you control your health destiny and do the things you enjoy for a long, long time.

Think of FirstLine Therapy as lifestyle medicine in action – for living in the real world. FirstLine Therapy incorporates science-based program elements- including eating, nutrition, physical activity, and stress resilience

Located in Los Angeles, California, Karen Cohen's FirstLine Therapy coaching can help you make the lifestyle changes in a way that is easier to understand and incorporate into your daily habits for a lifetime.