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Weight Loss Program Los Angeles CA

Weight Loss & Body Composition

If you have struggled with attempts at weight loss in the past or have dealt with emotional eating, and you are ready to be guided down a path toward optimum health, then you will benefit from a consultation with Karen Cohen, Certified Nutritionist and Certified Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator at Learn 2 Eat Right. Located in Los Angeles, California, Karen utilizes the renowned FirstLine Therapy Program, which aids in improving your overall health. Its central elements include:

- Making healthy food choices
- Understanding components of an effective fitness program
- Determining which supplements are needed
- Learning stress management techniques
- Learning the effect of diet on blood sugar metabolism
- Achieving a healthy body composition

Since improving one’s body composition is one of the healthiest changes an individual can make, Karen offers body composition analysis, which allows progress to be tracked thoroughly. Through a quick and painless procedure during your appointment, known as Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (Bioimpedance Analysis) or Digital Body Analysis, Karen is able to evaluate your metabolic requirements and ratio of body fat to lean mass. This revolutionary technology is the key to developing a customized, life-changing set of tools for a weight loss program and optimal health.

Several programs are available to meet your needs.

Let Karen Cohen guide you through the FirstLine Therapy Program. She will help you make the right lifestyle choices in the way you eat and move. You will reduce disease risk and increase bodily health, leading to a better muscle-to-fat ratio, more properly managed weight, and a healthier mind. Call today!