My Story


Karen Cohen

Growing up, I learned that Food=HAPPINESS
I was happy eating Twinkie's, French fries, and lemon meringue pie. (Sound familiar?)
At age 9,  weighed 100 pounds. I told myself that if I would grow taller I would be fine.  However, at age twelve I weighted 165 pounds and I was not much taller.  My doctor started me on diet pills.  By age 15, I lost 40  pounds but I could not keep it off.  This was because I did not change my eating habits.  I continued to seek HAPPINESS through food and tried every diet, diet pills, smoking and diuretics.  Nothing worked and I was making myself crazy. 
Fast forward to adulthood, I had a prosperous career as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company.  During that time, I was taking care of others and not paying attention to my own health and well being.  It wasn't until I found myself at age 54,  caring for my aging parents, sidelined with a herniated disk, and diagnosed with cancer for the third time that I decided to leave my corporate job and find my HAPPINESS.
When Covid-19 hit, I like the rest of the world watched those with weakened immune systems and underlying health conditions suffer and die.  I was so effected by this that I went back to school to become a Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist.  Given my own journey and transformation I know I can help people reverse underlying conditions and prevent them from falling victim to many horrific diseases that they may encounter as they age.

I Found Happiness

  • Becoming a Certified Nutritionist and Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach

  • Becoming a Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist

  • Watching my clients who felt stuck & frustrated gain control over their health

  • Becoming Cancer Free

  • Achieving a healthy weight and body composition

  • Learning to Eat Right

  • Exercising regularly

  • Completing two LA Marathons

  • Understanding Happiness comes from being healthy​