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My Story

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Karen Cohen

Growing up I was taught that food = HAPPINESS

I soon found out that this was not the case. I was a very heavy and unhappy child. At age 9 I weighed 100 pounds, at age 12 I weighed 165 pounds. I found that as much as I dieted, I could not keep the weight off. I continued to seek HAPPINESS through food.

Fast forward to adulthood, I had a prosperous career as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company. During that time, I was taking care of others and not paying attention to my own health and wellbeing. It wasn't until I found myself at age 54, caring for my aging parents, sidelined with a herniated disk, and diagnosed with cancer that I decided to leave my corporate job and found HAPPINESS by becoming a Certified Nutritionist and that changed my life.

When Covid-19 hit, I like the rest of the world was hunkered down at home. I watched seniors,  those with weakened immune systems, and people with underlying health condition suffer and die. Since I am a senior, this motivated me to further my education and become a Certified Senior Nutrition Specialist. Now my focus and HAPPINESS are to educate older adults on what they need to do to prevent, manage or reverse conditions and live an active, independent life late into their senior years.

My Happiness is Helping You

  • Select nutritious foods that are needed to maintain healthy aging

  • Chose activities that are enjoyable and keep health problems away

  • Maintain independence

  • Stay active with friends and family

  • Improve lab results

  • Avoid a decline in physical and mental capacity

  • Achieve a healthy weight

  • Reduce body inflammation

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