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Preventing Pre-Diabetes & Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Early diagnosis of pre-diabetes can often be REVERSED by making a suitable lifestyle change that will have lasting results.

By not making these changes you run the risk of having a 65% chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes within 6 years.  This increases the risk for heart disease and stroke.  

If you are pre-diabetic or Type 2 diabetic, I will support you in changing your bad habits and making appropriate changes to your diet.  One of the largest roadblocks in making lifestyle changes is lack of education, support and finding other foods that will take the place of what you enjoy eating.  I will guide you into a healthy lifestyle, with you making the changes and feeling in control.

Beware of these Risk Factors for Diabetes

  • Weight- being overweight is a primary risk factor for pre-diabetes
  • Waist size- >40" waist size for a man and >35" for a woman
  • Inactivity
  • Age >45
  • Family History
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Gestational diabetes
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