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Karen is a wonderful nutritionist. I have been working with her for about two years now to keep my cholesterol and blood sugar in check after a bout with gestational diabetes. She has created a workable plan, along with a regimen of medical foods and supplements that have helped improve all my lab tests! I've been thrilled with the results. You won't be disappointed!


I first came to Karen when I was in my seventies. I was not feeling well. I was sluggish and tired all the time. I have had stomach problems all my life but they were flaring up more often now, than ever before. I was overweight, and had no energy. I use to jog and play ball. This had all come to a halt. I clearly needed help.


I was recommended by a friend that had found success, changing her eating habits working with Karen. After a full assessment, the first thing Karen did was to put me on a food elimination program. This cleaned out my system so we could start from scratch building a food plan that was both nutritious and healthy. This new food and supplement plan gave me the satisfaction and the energy that I needed to deal with my life with fun and enthusiasm.

Karen changed my feeling towards food. I realized that I had not been eating healthy. I was just filling up without any regard for what the food was doing to both my physical and mental health.


Today, I am full of energy. I feel wonderful. I have run two marathons and my stomach problems are gone.

I am able to enjoy all types of food and I have lost about twenty pounds. The weight was a byproduct of just eating right. Karen’s business name is called Learn 2 Eat right Truer words were never spoken.


I have been going to Karen for 8 months.  I have lost 33 pounds, mostly body fat, but more importantly I have changed my relationship with food and dramatically improved my health. In early 2012 I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome X, high risk of heart disease and was suffering with stomach problems, and arthritis in my hips and knees.  Thanks to Karen's programs and working with her on a regular basis, I have completely turned around my health.  I truly feel like I finally am free of the years of bad eating habits. I now crave fish and vegetables instead of candy and cookies:)

The best thing I could have done for myself was go to Karen. She is really knowledgeable, relatable, and considerate of your goals. Now that I know what I know, I can't go back.

I started going to Karen after some food sensitivity issues were affecting my quality of living severely. What a blessing I went to her when I did. My body was inflamed, effecting my sleep, digestion, mood, ability to exercise and be mobile. Karen put me on a strict detox. I was nervous at first because, well, I love my sugar, but that was the first thing to go. Karen's plan was easy to follow and she gave me the encouragement and support necessary to tackle such a drastic change.

After the first week of the plan my body was making drastic changes that felt good. It wasn't until the 3rd week that I realized I could feel great. I was less bloated, was loosing weight; which is not an issue for me but I realized that I was loosing bloat and inflammation. My mood returned, my cravings for sugar and junk food was down, I wasn't nearly as tired. So when my second session came around I was all in on making serious long term changes to the way I eat. I feel great. Run do not walk to make an appointment with Karen.


I've fluctuated with my weight my entire life. This time, I was at my whit's end and feeling like I was close to hitting rock bottom. My husband (who's done work for Karen in the past) suggested I go see her. Little did I know that she would completely transform me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.


I call her my guiding light because without her I don't know where I would be right now. Not only is she unbelievably knowledgeable in nutrition but she's encouraging, firm when she needs to be and helped me lose over 30 pounds and still going!


I posted a picture of my transformation so you can see for yourself.  It's really amazing seeing the  changes your body can make by eating the right foods, working out and most importantly, seeing the right nutritionist! Karen is your person. She makes a detailed eating plan for youspecific needs and helps you understand that it's not always about the number on the scale, there's lots going on behind the scenes.  I'm feeling better than ever and I attribute that to Karen.  I would highly recommend making an appointment right now! It will change your life!

-Miri T.

Miri T.jpg

I've been going to Karen now for about 2 months and I totally believe in her methodology!  I've not only lost 10 lbs (of fat, not muscle - she makes sure of that), but I haven't felt healthier and had this much energy in years!  Turns out there are lots of foods I was eating that weren't very good for me, not just in a caloric way, but also affecting the way I feel, my moods, and my overall health (from stuffiness and puffy eyes to joint pain).  Karen helped figure this out and I'm way better equipped to take care of myself.


I needed one-on-one attention in order for me to cut to the root cause and fix what happens when you're in the store and to your left is a banana, and to the right is a bag of chips.  I'm eating way healthier than anyone else I know and I'm breaking bad habits left and right... I am a work-in-progress but I've been overweight the majority of my life, I've been to weight watchers, I've tried most diet systems out there and really what it came down to was my individual behavior.  Karen calls me out on my behavior but does so in a caring, non-judgmental way and HELPS ME find a modification - this is the key!  Anyone can talk all day about what you should NOT do, but it takes a real professional to help you CHANGE what you're doing.


A healthy lifestyle is about quality of life and I'm enjoying getting there.

- Michelle N.

I have worked w/ Karen Cohen for 5 years. When I came to her, I was always sick, always tired and having ear infections.  I went to two different nutritionist and many  doctors. I had no luck. In fact my condition worsened until I meet Karen.

She helped me build my Immune system back.  Together we discovered I had extreme food allergies and after years of antibiotics I had no healthy bacteria in my body, I was basically falling apart. Karen researched my specific condition, worked with  my doctor and put me on a detox. She taught me the differences between certain foods that my body needed and what I should avoid .

After that my condition not only got better but I had energy for the first time in years. We then worked together on my diet and supplements. I felt great, I had energy, my skin had a glow, I got stronger ( before , always felt weak ) and best of all I hardly get sick. No ear infections! I believe in Karen so much , I brought her into my Pilates studio to meet my clients .  My clients love her. She has helped so many of them.

Besides results, Karen cares and works with you. I truly thank Karen for helping me. I love what I do. I would never be able to teach Pilates for hours if I did not meet Karen. Karen's teachings and guidance have changed my life for good. I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I highly recommend Karen for anyone who wants to change their eating habits .She has had repeated success with detoxing, weight loss, nutritional counseling and supplements( specific vitamins/minerals individualized for you)  Karen Cohen will help you learn and practice good health and good nutrition.

- Julie A.

Update: I just celebrated by 1 year anniversary working with Karen. I have lost 40 pounds and am healthier, stronger, and more energetic than I have ever been. I feel so fortunate that I found Karen, who has been kind, patient, and motivating. She really listens to my needs, struggles, and triggers, and was able to individualize a program that just works. Karen makes it about more than food--it is about being healthy and realizing how the other parts of your life impact the food choices you make. I am so grateful for this truly life changing experience.


I feel so fortunate to have found Karen! I came to her feeling tired and frustrated about my eating choices. I felt like Karen "got" me right away and was able to personalize an eating plan focused on making healthier choices. Karen recognizes that changing your eating habits and overall relationship with food is a process. Karen provides the necessary care and support to make this positive change possible. I truly look forward to our meetings and for the first time in my life feel like a healthy lifestyle is possible! Thank you Karen!!

- Jamie G.

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